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Turning the Art World upside

down with 'Impulse Art'


Daniel Pontet has been making waves in South Florida art circles with his new and unique form of artistic expression. Art performances accompanied by live music have opened a new door to his unlimited creativity. And he is the first local artist to put aside brushes and the use of his hands and still manage to create his own unique strokes of colors and lines – using his feet.

Impulses, created by musical notes and rhythms, propel Pontet to smear his canvas with a cacophony of colors that at first appear whimsical, but whose results are masterful. Working through the subconscious and simply reacting to the rhythms, his feet, which some would consider limiting, allow him to easily fusion his paint and the music. The rationality one expects when painting with brushes is substituted by the creativity and stimuli of his surroundings. In other words, Pontet does not illustrate what he hears and feels, but rather interacts with it. The results are impulses on canvas produced by the freedom and spontaneity of the music he hears.

As Harold Rosenberg, the American art critic who coined the phrase, ‘Action Painting,’ said during the mid 20th century, “The canvas is an arena in which to act.” His redefinition of art as a process rather than a product, as an act rather than an object, laid the foundation and was influential in a number of major art movements, from Happenings and Fluxus to Conceptual, Performance Art, Installation Art and Earth Art… And now, Pontet makes his contribution to the art world again with his singular feet painting through the ‘Impulse Art.’

The Award-winning multimedia
artist Daniel Pontet has ignited South Florida’s cultural scene with his paintings, caricatures, political cartoons, and illustrations for the past 20 years. Pontet has exhibited his artworks since 1975. He has participated in more than 100 international art shows, including numerous workshops and art performances. Now, Pontet is revolutionizing the art world again with his ‘Impulse Art’ -live performance where he paints with his feet inspired by music- and thus incorporating another point of view in this vast, ever expanding world of contemporary art. With his painting, ‘The Green Miami,’ he brought home first prize in the Miami division of the national ‘2004 Hispanic Mural Program’ sponsored by Heineken. Pontet has also been awarded a variety of national and international prizes and acknowledgements. In 2010, Fusionarte Association
named him one of the ‘Top 100 Latinos in Miami.’