Art Basel Week. Miami River Art Fair. James Knight Center (2014) Photo: K. Khani
Live Art Performance by Daniel Pontet inspired by Latin Jazz music along with Grammy awarded masters Federico Britos (violin), Roberto Perera (Harp), and Drum Ensemble by Adrian Antoine & Eloy Carrizo. Tribute to Uruguayan artist Carlos Paez Vilaro. Nina Torres Gallery. Miami, FL (April 2014)  --Photo: Khila Khani--

'The object isn't to make art,

it's to be in that wonderful state which makes art inevitable.'

Robert Henri | American Artist (1865-1929)

impulse art |pontet's words

 “Since I began my live performances -20 years ago- where music leads to my art, I realized that I was limited by the use of hands and brushes in following the rhythms. I wanted to feel the music… and paint that inspiration. This obsessive impulse to add the smallest of details to my work – as a hyperrealist or figurative artist – made me lose the connection with the natural flow of the music, all the while grappling with every small element on the canvas. 


That’s when -5 years ago- I came up with the crazy idea of using my feet – without the usual artist’s tools and all the boundaries they represented. The advantages my natural interaction with the music and the dynamic it helped create suddenly dawned on me. I felt my feet dancing on the surface and a special energy flowing with the musical notes and rhythms. Actually, when performing, I don’t feel it is me who is there. But the music that moves me and flows through me allowing to express myself creatively.”

'What was to go on the canvas

was not a picture but an event'

Harold Rosenberg | American Art Critic (1906-1978)

Artist Daniel Pontet at Seminole Hard Rock. Hollywood, FL
(May 2015) Art & Culture Center/Hollywd: '19th Cuisine for Art'
--Photo: Robert Stolpe--

IMPULSE ART is a live performance where the rhythm of music inspires artist Daniel Pontet to paint with his feet and hands. It is the type of event that grew out of the Action Painting circles, a movement born in the decade of the 1950's, that revolutionized the concept of art. In this new re-definition, art is seen as as an act rather than an object. It is the interaction between the artist and the paint, and the image on the canvas becomes just a witness of this encounter.